Monday, 23 October 2017

Image Optimization Tips to Gain Advantage in E-Commerce

Search traffic is undoubtedly the most important thing SEOs should care about, but there is another factor which is important but SEOs so not pay much attention to it. It’s the Google Images.

Although you have been working hard to work on the 64.8% (Google search results), it would be unwise to ignore 21.8% (Google Image search).

A worth mentioning fact here is that Google Image search constitutes 25% of all of the searches on internet. But it doesn’t mean that Google’s core search is something to be paid less attention to. In fact, you should continue with the Google’s core search if you do not have enough resources to work on Google image search. But this is also the fact that if you work on Google Image search, you can have a distinguishable edge in the e-commerce industry.

The major reason for the importance of image in E-commerce is that you need to tell your potential customers how your product looks like. With that said, the users may turn towards product belonging to a low ranking ecommerce site due to image availability while leaving your product with no image listed on the top ranking site.

Hence, it is quite important for the ecommerce marketers to upload high quality images which would cover every angle of the products.

Having that said, there are a few things that ecommerce businessmen and marketers should pay great attention to.

Text in the images
As far as SEO for the web pages and websites is concerned, experts usually suggest using plain images with no texts. It also means that if there is an image in the background of a title, the Google is not going to entertain this title as text; which can be pretty bad from the perspective of SEO.

But when it comes to adding image for the product on an ecommerce store, adding text in the image can actually be beneficial. It’s actually beneficial from the perspective of information which the users might need about your product. The text that you can add may include can be the product description.

Images for content producers
Although you are creating image to be used for your product in the ecommerce store, you can make it usable for the content producers on the web. Content producers wouldn’t mind using the image URL if your product image is informative enough to fulfill their requirements. Sometimes, they may use this image just for improving the aesthetics of their pages. Either way, you can get a chance to get the product image promoted.

The technical SEO
Technical SEO of your product image hold quite a value when it comes to the urgency or importance of promoting it in the Google Images. There are a several technical SEO factors which you can work on.

You can start with the filename of the image. Here, you can focus on the keyword you use but you can also mention the product name, product name along with the keyword can serve as a great way to bring right traffic to your product image.

Next to talk about is the image alt attribute. Although many people think of image alt attribute as something like Meta description, it’s not like that. Image alt attribute basically displays the name and keyword related to the image when browser fails to load image due to any reason. It’s the very description which the readers would want to know about.

Finally, you should make sure that image is compressed. Although high quality image in high resolution looks pretty good but there is another factor called page load time which can decide the ranking position of not only the image but also the entire page the image is uploaded in.

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